3 Spikeball Exercises That Make You Ripped

3 Spikeball Exercises That Make You Ripped

Spikeball is arguably the fastest-growing sport in the world. The sport, invented about three decades ago, utilizes the elements of foursquare and volleyball. Today, spikeball is played in several different countries across the globe by millions of people.

Spikeball is a physical sport that offers its players fun and workouts. The exercises attached to the sport, such as squatting, lateral shuffle, and agility drilling, help to increase muscle reaction. Also, the back and forth movements during the game help cut tons of calories. All these exercises can make you ripped.

How important is physical preparation to practice Spikeball? What are the Spikeball exercises that can make you shredded? Is Spikeball a better workout than the gym? As you read through the rest of this article, you’ll find answers to these questions and more.

How important is physical preparation to practice Spikeball?

3 Spikeball Exercises That Make You Ripped

According to experts, regular exercising of the body can significantly help to improve human health. In case you don’t know, the health benefits of exercising are many. First, it can help to reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

Apart from that, regular exercise can always help you increase strength and muscle reaction. Furthermore, if you’re looking to achieve and keep up your healthy body weight and muscle mass, consistent exercise is what you need.

Interestingly, by playing Spikeball, you can always achieve regular exercise. That’s so because the sport is a physical one that requires players to accelerate and decelerate from time to time to defend and hit the ball against the net. For those who don’t know, Spikeball is a game that’s specifically designed for two teams with two players each.

Here’s how the game works; one player from team 1 will start the game by becoming the server. Another player from team 2 is expected to stand at any distance relative to the net to defend the first hit and keep the ball going. As soon as the server serves the ball, all players can move anywhere on the court to keep the ball going as there are no boundaries.

That said, Spikeball involves running or moving back and forth to keep the ball going smoothly. For you to be better at hitting the ball and keeping possession during the Spikeball games, you need to practice and practice.

However, practicing how to become better at playing the game isn’t an easy one. You’ll need to work out and perform different types of exercises, such as lateral shuffle. Furthermore, before going for Spikeball practice, there are some physical preparations that you need to make.

Here are some of what to consider before practicing Spikeball

  • Check your health

First of all, your health is pretty much an important factor when practicing Spikeball. And since that’s the case, you need to run a check on your health before practicing Spikeball. So, before starting the physical sport, ensure you consult your healthcare provider for a physical medical examination.

The bottom line is that Spikeball involves a lot of physical and strenuous activities. As such, if you’re not used to these activities, you should first contact your doctor for a medical checkup before practicing Spikeball.

  • Make a plan of what to do

Spikeball requires tons of workouts. And for you to become better at playing the game, you need to train regularly and practice different exercises. I’m sure you’ll agree with me that not all exercises are the same; some are pretty simple and others are hard to perform.

The best way to practice is to start your Spikeball exercise with the simplest before moving to the hardest. To do that, you’ll need to make a good plan, determining which exercise to go first and the ones to do last.

List of 3 Spikeball exercises that could make you jacked

3 Spikeball Exercises That Make You Ripped

If you’re looking to get shred while playing Spikeball, there are certain exercises that you need to practice. In one of my posts, I already talked about the health benefits and workout activities for Spikeball. In case you missed out on the article, you can check here to read about it.

That said, let’s take a look at some of the Spikeball exercises that can always make people ripped below:

1. Acceleration and deceleration

Running back and forth is an inevitable activity in the game of Spikeball. Since there are no boundaries, as long as there’s no obstruction of gameplay by any team, Spikeball allows its players to move 360 degrees after the ball has been served. Because of this reason, players will certainly accelerate and decelerate to defend and spike the ball against the net.

According to experts, by playing Spikeball, a player is capable of making approximately 831 steps in 15 minutes. Interestingly, taking these steps could help burn approximately 116 calories. One of the benefits of that is you’ll achieve an average heart rate of 134. Apart from that, continuously losing the right amount of calories in your body could make your body ripped.

2. Lateral shuffle

Lateral shuffle is one of the most common Spikeball exercises. To achieve that, you need to first stand with your feet about a hip apart. After that, the next move is to sink into a deep knee bend. Squat down and shuffle your legs back and forth and then tap the cones on both sides.

Practicing lateral shuffle is one of the best ways to achieve an increase in strength and muscle reaction, which is essential for getting shredded. 

3. Traveling in and out with agility drilling

In Spikeball, traveling in and out with agility drilling is one of the best core building exercises to get shredded. This type of exercise is performed by starting with your two feet outside a straight line. After that, you’ll have to travel with one of your feet laterally in while the other one stays outside and then alternating them as you reach your destination.

Other Spikeball exercises that could make you jacked are ball toss reaction burpee, push up to burpee, pulse squatting to a knee tuck, and lateral half kneel to sprint burpee.

Is Spikeball a better workout than the gym

There’s no denying that Spikeball offers its players tons of workouts. However, there’s no way you can compare it to what you get in the gym. That’s so because you can always do anything in the gym, including performing all the Spikeball exercises.

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