What Are Some Health Benefits Of Spikeball?

What Are Some Health Benefits Of Spikeball?

Spikeball is fastly becoming a popular sport among different countries in the world. According to research, more than 4 million people, across the globe, now play the game. Well, one of the reasons why Spikeball is receiving lots of favor from people of all ages, even though it was invented not long ago, is because it offers tons of physical and health benefits to players.

One of the health benefits of playing Spikeball is that it enables players to burn calories in their bodies. Apart from that, the game also helps to increase the skill development of hand-eye coordination – which is essential for the development and academic success of kids.

Is Spikeball a good workout? What exactly are the health benefits attached to playing Spikeball? How well does Spikeball help to burn calories in the body? These and a few others are the frequently asked questions that you’ll find answers to as you read through the rest of this article. 

Is Spikeball a good workout?

What Are Some Health Benefits Of Spikeball?

Apart from being a fun game to play, another great benefit of Spikeball is that it is a great workout.

For those who don’t know, Spikeball is a game inspired by concepts from volleyball. As a matter of fact, many people often refer to the game as the love child that exists between the game of volleyball and four-square.

Spikeball uses the concept of volleyball because it involves using net and ball. The only difference, however, is that volleyball involves hitting the ball over a net while Spikeball requires the player to hit the ball directly into a round net or trampoline, usually placed on the most level ground. Furthermore, Spikeball involves walking & catching, throwing, and hitting the ball down into the net.

Playing the Spikeball game is more like going for workouts. That’s so because the game involves performing several different workout activities, such as lateral shuffles, lateral half kneel to sprint burpee, agility drilling, lateral push up to hand tap, squatting, push up to burpee, and many more. Let’s take the workout activities one at a time to understand their effect on the body.

Workout activities for Spikeball

As previously mentioned, “lateral shuffle” is one of the many workout activities that you’ll most likely experience when playing the Spikeball game.

Here’s a brief description of lateral shuffles; it involves standing with the feet about a hip apart and then sinking into a deep knee bend. After that, your hands are placed right in front of the chest in a guard position. This is then followed by the movement of the legs; right foot first and then the left foot, squatting down, and then shuffling back and forth.

The lateral half kneel just to sprint burpee is another type of workout that you’ll experience when training to play Spikeball.

This training activity involves going first into a half-kneeling position. After that, one of your hips is extended in a way that allows your weight to press on your heel and leg. The other hip is positioned at 90 degrees on the ground.

Agility drilling is another type of workout activity that Spikeball requires. It involves starting with two feet outside a straight line and then traveling laterally in with one foot and while the other one stays out. You’ll also need pulse squatting to be able to play the Spikeball game well.

That involves staying in the squat position and performing three pulsating squats. After that, you’ll need to do a squatting jump into a knee tuck and then land back on the ground.

The bottom line is that Spikeball offers a lot of workouts to players, especially those participating in the game, officially.

What are the health benefits of Spikeball?

The health benefits attached to playing the Spikeball game are numerous.

What Are Some Health Benefits Of Spikeball?

For kids

One of the benefits of playing the game is that it allows children to develop several different transferable movement skills. An example is “hand-eye coordination,” which is essential for the development and overall academic success of the kids.

That’s not all; playing the Spikeball game comes with a lot of fun. The benefit of that is it helps to eliminate stress, increase concentration, improve their self-esteem, and provide them with a better way to relate with others in society.

For adults

The many workout activities attached to playing the Spikeball game offer adults tons of health benefits, ranging from helping to burn down calories to improving the cardiovascular system.

As earlier mentioned, one of the activities linked to playing Spikeball as an adult is lateral shuffle. Interestingly, according to health experts, this type of workout will not only help you to improve the mechanics and movement patterns of your body but also helps to burn a lot of calories.

Health Line says that burpee, another workout linked to Spikeball, is capable of helping players burn about 10 calories in just a minute. Of course, that comes with the assumption that every man performs up to 20 burpees in a minute.

That’s not all; Spikeball also enables a player to maintain good body symmetry as a result of several legworks. That also helps them prevent osteoporosis, maintaining healthy bones.

Does Spikeball burn lots of calories?

I have said it before but will repeat it, playing the Spikeball game is one of the best ways to burn calories from your body. Burpees alone are capable of helping your burn about 10 calories in 10 minutes – that’s about 150 calories eliminated in 15 minutes, assuming you make 20 burpees in a minute.

Overall, Spikeball experts say that playing the game involves making approximately 831 steps in 15 minutes. The benefit of that is it helps to burn approximately 116 calories and achieving an average heart rate of 134.
Bottom line: playing the Spikeball game is a good way of burning a lot of calories from your body. The more steps you make while playing the game, the more calories you get to lose at the end of the day.

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