Are There Professional Roundnet Players?

Are There Professional Roundnet Players?

Roundnet is a very new sport but it is getting popular with time. It is a team game, played by a team of 2 players against 2 opponent players. Even though this game doesn’t take a lot of space to be played, the game is very intense and fast-paced and requires a great amount of physical capability and good teamwork. But is this game played on a competitive stage? Do players take up this sport as a profession?

Even though roundnet is a fairly new sport, it is played on a competitive level. There is a league for those who want to compete as roundnet players. Players compete in pro divisions and can participate in the national championship if they win in their division. So it is, technically, a professional sport.

Like any other competitive sport, roundnet also has different tournaments where players compete. Professional players are sponsored by brands and they are also ranked by their performances. Players train hard and get coaches for better gameplay and tactics to win the leagues they are in. So let me give you a complete idea about professional roundnet players, their popularity, and how to be a professional spikeball player.

How Do You Become A Pro Spikeball Player?

Are There Professional Roundnet Players?

To become a pro spikeball player is not as hard as many competitive sports out there, as it is fairly new and yet to reach peak popularity. But you still have to be serious about the game to make it far as a pro player. You must go through physical training and get yourself fitness and a game coach. As pro spikeball is played in a team of two, you have to find yourself a partner. The communication and combination of your partner need to be strong to be good at the game.

If you are starting as a youth there is a long step towards becoming professional. Generally, youth players take part in youth-level competitions and build up their game sense and team play. High school teams take part in the competition and compete against other high schoolers. That is where you get noticed as a coming pro.  After high school, you take part in intermediate spikeball tournaments and make a place for yourself in the advanced league.

Now, if you were not a spikeball player in high school or starting late, you have to start from the advanced league. After you are done with the advanced league, it’s time to get to the next level. Contender league is the last step before you can start a premier career in spikeball. If you can get a place in the top 4 teams in the contender league, you will get your chance to compete in the pro division and become a professional spikeball player. 

Are There Professional Spikeball Players?

There are a lot of professional roundnet players. Ever since the formation of the Spikeball Roundnet Association in 2014, this game has been gaining a lot of new and professional players who are competing across the country and even internationally. The first-ever roundnet world tournament was set to happen in Belgium in 2020 which was later postponed due to the covid situation.

Even though at early stages the sport was seen more as an entertainment or a pastime, now the perspective is changing. People are taking the sport more seriously and trying to make a name for themselves in the spikeball community. Players are not only playing in the regional tournaments but also going overseas to take part in the international stage. From youth to adults, new players are coming into the game every year.

The Spikeball Roundnet Association is trying hard to move forward with the sports and making it more relevant to the people. So pretty soon this game will have more professional players coming onto the stage and playing roundball. Tournaments like Summerspike 2018 which was telecasted on ESPN and watched by people all over the world, give us a view of the future and how this game is going to be more competitive in the coming days.

Where Do Pro Spikeball Players Compete?

Are There Professional Roundnet Players?

Pro spikeball players compete in the premier regional and national leagues. Spikeball Roundnet Association hosts regional pro spikeball leagues and these leagues are played as an entire season. In these seasons, you have the chance to earn rewards as you win and even make it as a top spikeball player. You also get to play in the national league, as the pro division is counted as the national qualifiers.

You have to start from the bottom in the regional pro division but if you make it to the top 2 of the regional pro division, you get the chance to be a part of the national league. The national league is the biggest stage for a pro spikeball player. In the national league, 16 top teams compete against each other till they win the league. All these teams have qualified by getting placed at the top 2 in their respective regional leagues. 

You can represent your country if you win the national league of your country. The spikeball world tournament was going to be held in 2020 which was later postponed due to covid-19. So, there is always a chance for the pro spikeball players to compete for their country and win awards. Different teams tour around the world to compete in international leagues and make a name for themselves in the pro spikeball community.

How Popular Are Spikeball Players?

As the sport is fairly new, spikeball players are yet to reach their peak fame. Spikeball is getting telecasted on ESPN making it a regular name in the sports circuit. Players like Tyler Cisek, Max Model, Caleb Hack are getting known by people as they hold their position high in the rankings. You can find their tournament highlights on youtube which has been viewed a lot of times. They are finding sponsors that will grow more popular as the sport itself gets more and more known.

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