Can You Get A College Scholarship For Spikeball?

Can You Get A College Scholarship For Spikeball?

Over the years, Spikeball has been able to prove itself to be one of the best sports for college and high school students. Today, many students learn to participate in the sport during their physical education classes with the hope of gaining the much-needed experience to receive a scholarship. 

There are currently no Spikeball scholarships available for students in college. However, several different clubs across the country do enter into a competition to determine the best Spikeball College.

Is Roundnet a college sport? As a college Spikeball player, is it possible to get scholarships? Is Spikeball popular among the students? These and more are the frequently asked questions that you’ll find answers to, in the rest of this article.

Is Spikeball a college sport?

Can You Get A College Scholarship For Spikeball?

Spikeball, also called Roundnet, is a type of sport that’s designed for people of all ages. However, the game is more common among college students.

So, regarding the question of whether or not Spikeball is a college sport, I’ll say yes. Here are some of the factors that make Spikeball a college sport:

  • Learning Spikeball during PE classes

First, the sport is now part of most colleges’ PE curriculum. With that, it means that interested students often learn to play the Spikeball game during their physical education classes.

  • College tournaments for Spikeball

Another factor that makes Spikeball a college sport is that almost all colleges now have teams that represent their schools in Spikeball tournaments. You can check here to see the Spikeball rankings for college schools in the US.

  • Starting a Spikeball club at college

Spikeball can also be considered a college sport because the game is mostly favored by college students. Well, that is possible because students can always create a Spikeball club in their schools, especially if there’s none before. However, every student looking to create a club needs to follow Spikeball’s handy guide.

Furthermore, when it comes to creating a Spikeball club at your college, you need to follow certain approaches. To do that, you need to first plan how to make the club official. The best way to do that is to contact the student activities office and understand how to create your club successfully.

After successfully creating the club, you’ll need to get members for the newly created club. The third approach involves marketing the club using social media and other tools. The aim of this is to ensure the club gains the necessary popularity in your community.

Lastly, you need to get a court and start training together with the new members. This will help the team members build the much-needed skills to become better as a club.

Do college Spikeball players get scholarships?

As previously stated, the fact remains that there are no scholarships yet for Spikeball players in college. Here’s what the official Spikeball website says regarding this question:

“There are no Spikeball scholarships (yet), but clubs across the country do compete to be crowned best Spikeball College in the land.”

Looking at that, you’ll see that there’s no such thing as a Spikeball scholarship for college students for now. However, there’s a possibility that the Spikeball organization will start giving out scholarships to students as soon as it’s capable of doing it.

Although there’s currently no college scholarship, you need to understand that Spikeball offers tons of other benefits for its players. By learning how to play Spikeball, especially in your PE classes, you’ll most likely have an edge over other students when applying to some big schools. This is possible because these schools have teams that represent them at the Spikeball tournaments.

That’s not all; there’s also a slim chance that Spikeball will soon be listed under the Summer Olympic games. And if that happens, it’ll bring tons of other opportunities for you and many other players from around the world.

Is Spikeball popular among the students?

Can You Get A College Scholarship For Spikeball?

As you already know, the Spikeball game is designed for people of all ages. So far you can walk, run, throw and strike a ball, you are eligible to learn how to play the game. Since that’s the case, it means anybody of age 2 years and above can learn to play the game.

Of course, the Roundnet game is most popular among college and high school students. That’s so because of several different factors; one of them is that the game is pretty much fun and competitive.

Apart from that, the Spikeball game has 100% community around it. Students often get a lot of support from the community, which helps them enjoy the game more. That’s not all; with the community support, one other thing that makes Spikeball popular among students is that it allows them to meet more people, who they later become friends with.

Furthermore, Spikeball is also widely played among college and high school students because of its rustic style of play. Generally, the game requires 2 teams of two players each. The players on each team work together, ensuring they defend the ball and earn a point.

Interestingly, every point won takes both players on the team, and this is one of the many reasons why many students love to play the game. The teamwork, the fun, the workouts, and all other goodies that come with playing the game, are part of the factors that make Spikeball popular among both college and high school students.

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