Can You Watch Spikeball On TV?

Can You Watch Spikeball On TV?

Spikeball is a physical sport that uses the concept of both volleyball and foursquare. The sport, which was invented by Jeff Knurek in 1989 as Roundnet, didn’t gain the much-needed popularity until the CEO of Spikeball Inc. Chris Ruder revived it in 2004. Today, Spikeball has received a lot of favors from millions of people across the world.

In 2015, Spikeball aired on the popular TV show Shark Tank. Chris Ruder and some Spikeball players made it to Shark Tank episode 623, which happened to be the season six finale. That was one of the things that amplified this sport’s popularity in the mainstream media. Today, you can watch Spikeball on ESPN 2.

How many people watch Spikeball today? Is it possible to watch the Spikeball game live on TV? What channel is Spikeball on? These and more are the frequently asked questions you’ll find answers to as you read through the rest of this article.

How many people watch Spikeball?

Today, Spikeball is one of the fastest-growing sports across the world. The game, which started in the United States, has become widely known across several other countries in the world. 

Furthermore, Spikeball has its headquarters located in Illinois, USA. That is where most of the marketing and sales of the sport’s equipment take place. Since that’s the case, Spikeball is most popular in the United States compared to any other country in the world.

Today, research has it that there are more than a million supporters of Spikeball in the United States alone. Globally, however, the official website says the sport is played by more than 4 million players. 

Some of the countries where Roundnet is popular include Japan, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Denmark, Ireland, Czech, France, Norway, Spain, South Africa, Latvia, and Finland. To find out more about how popular the sport is and which countries play the game, you can check here.

It’s hard to say exactly the number of people that watch Spikeball across the world. As you already know, the sport is a fast-growing one. In 2018, Spikeball Inc. revealed that more than 4 million people play the game across the world. Today, there’s no official figure yet as to how far the sport has grown in the past three years.

Spikeball is now showing on TV across the world. With that, it’s safe to say that the sport would have increased in terms of its global popularity. That said, it’s safe to say that Spikeball is watched by several million people across the world.

Can you watch Spikeball on TV?

Twitch TV is one of the most popular live streaming video platforms that allows people from across the world to stream their favorite games. Furthermore, there are several live channels on the platform, which will enable you to stream different types of matches, including Soccer, Esports, Basketball, etc.

Interestingly, there’s a Spikeball channel on Twitch TV that you can follow to watch Spikeball games live from your phone from anywhere across the world. That’s not all; you can also cast Twitch to home TV just to enjoy the games on big screens. You can do that via the Twitch app by checking for an option that allows you to connect to a Wi-Fi-enabled casting device or Chromecast.

Apart from Twitch TV, another popular platform you can use to stream Spikeball is Roku TV. You can check here for more information regarding the sport.

Furthermore, it’s also worth knowing that you can always watch Spikeball live from your home TV. Yes, you can always watch live matches, such as the Spikeball College Championship, on one of the channels of ESPN – the popular American-based global cable and satellite television channels. 

The bottom line is that you can always watch Spikeball from anywhere on your TV. You can watch the sport directly on your TV through one of the channels on ESPN. Apart from that, you can stream the matches live on your smartphone using Twitch TV and Roku TV. You can even connect your phone to your home TV to watch your favorite Spikeball matches.

What channel is Spikeball on?

As earlier mentioned, it’s possible to watch live Spikeball matches directly from your TV through one of the ESPN channels. 

ESPN 2 – that’s the channel you can tune to watch your favorite Spikeball matches. The US-based global cable & satellite television channel has been showing Spikeball games for more than three years. For instance, in 2018, ESPN 2 covered one of the most popular Spikeball tournaments in the United States – SummerSpike.

Another great tournament filmed and shown live on ESPN 2 was the 2020 October national championship held in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The tournament had over 150 Spikeball teams of all ages participate in the event.

Recently, ESPN 2 was also available to film and show the Spikeball Summer Series Coed Invitational, held in Segra Park, Columbia last month. The channel was able to air the tape version of the event on Sunday, 22nd of August, 2021.

So, the bottom line is that ESPN 2 is the channel that shows all the official Spikeball matches. You can visit the official Spikeball website here to find out the next event, so you can get prepared to watch directly from your TV.

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