How Do You Practice Spikeball: 4 Tips To Become A Better Player

How Do You Practice Spikeball: 4 Tips To Become A Better Player

Spikeball or Roundnet is increasingly becoming popular across the world. The game, which was invented by Jeff Knurek in 1989, currently has over 4 million players from across the globe. Although Spikeball offers tons of fun and workouts to its players, learning to play the game isn’t as easy as just knowing its rules.

When learning the spikeball game, you need to utilize a couple of tricks and tips. For instance, during practice, learning to get better at using your offhand will give you an edge over other players. Also, trying not to be the best player in your matches is another way to get better at playing Spikeball.

What is the best way to practice Spikeball at home? What do you need to do to get better at Spikeball? Is Spikeball easy to learn? These and more are the frequently asked questions you’ll find answers to in the rest of this article.

What is the best way to learn Spikeball at home?

As a beginner, for you to learn Spikeball at home, you need to first understand the basics of the game. What that means is that you need to first know the rules and equipment needed for the game.

The game of Spikeball is primarily designed for two teams with two players each. However, the sport can always be played with two players (1 vs. 1), three players (thrikeball), and six players. Furthermore, for you to practice spikeball, you need two key pieces of equipment; a ball and a roundnet.

Speaking of the Spikeball ball, it’s usually yellow, lightweight, and bouncy. As for the net, it looks more like a miniature trampoline. It’s always constructed with rims and legs. That’s not all; the Spikeball net is usually about 3 feet in diameter and 8 inches in height.

With a good net and ball, you can always learn Spikeball at any time and place. Yes, you can play the game on a beach, in your backyard, or even in your living room. After getting the piece of equipment for the game, the next thing to do is start playing with your friends.

Here’s how to learn Spikeball at home

As earlier mentioned, you can always play the Spikeball game with one, two, three, or five of your friends.

  • If you’re learning with three of your friends; all you need to do is group yourself into two teams. After that, the opposing teams will need to line up across from each other. By doing this, you need to put the net in between the teams.
  • Now, one of the team’s needs to start a point server while the opposing team will have to defend the strike.
  • During point serve, only the receiver (one of the players from the opposing team) is expected to stay at any position relative to the roundnet. As for others, they need to stand 6 feet away from the net until after the ball is served.
  • As soon as the ball is served, the receiver has up to three touches on the ball before striking back against the net.
  • Let the game continue like that until one of the teams is unable to defend the strike. If this happens, then a point is given to the opposing team.

In case you’re alone at home and looking to learn the Spikeball game, you can also do that. As usual, you need a roundnet and ball; after getting them, all you need to do is play the ball against the wall. 

  • To play a 1 vs. 1 Spikeball with the wall, you’ll start by placing the roundnet right against the net.
  • After that, begin a point serve by hitting the ball hard against the net.
  • As the ball hits the wall, it’ll come right back to you. As usual, you only need to touch the ball up to three times before striking it against the net to the wall.
  • Continue the service until you’re unable to defend again.

How do you get better at Spikeball?

How Do You Practice Spikeball: 4 Tips To Become A Better Player

As earlier mentioned, one of the best ways to get better at Spikeball is by getting familiar with the game’s tricks and tips; you can check below to see a couple of them.

  • Learn to use both hands

Since you’re looking to get better at Spikeball, my first advice to you is to learn how to use both hands. If you’re good at playing with your primary hand, you also need to learn to use your offhand better.

Here’s the thing; when you have a weak offhand, it’ll become pretty difficult for you to strike harder and put fear in your opponent. Since that’s the case, you need to practice and practice, until the offhand becomes as strong as your primary hand. 

  • Don’t aim to be the best player

As previously mentioned, aiming to be the best player in your games will always keep you from becoming better at Spikeball.

Here’s what I mean; by being the best player in your games, it’ll become pretty hard for you to learn new techniques. To avoid that, you need to meet and play with stronger players with more experience and skills than you.

By playing with stronger Spikeball players, you’ll get more challenging games to play. Of course, the experience you get from playing with better players will help you improve your skills and become a better player yourself.

  • Strike about 100 serves against a wall

Another way to become better at playing Spikeball is by hitting against the wall about a hundred serves. The primary aim of this is to learn how to strike the ball the hard way. That’s not all; hitting the ball against the wall will also help you become better at defending hard strikes from your opponents.

  • Play with someone like you

As earlier mentioned, one of the best ways to get better at Spikeball is to avoid being the best player in your games. That’s just the fact. But what will happen when there are no better players around to play with?

Well, another way to get better at playing Spikeball is by playing with someone like you. Since you’re reading this post, it means you’re passionate about being better at the game. If that’s the truth, then all I’m saying is that you need to play with someone who is also interested in getting better at the sport.

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