How Tight Should The Spikeball Net Be?

How Tight Should The Spikeball Net Be?

Arguably, Spikeball is one of the best sports out there that offers people a lot of fun and workouts at the same time. The game utilizes the concept of two games: Four Square and Volleyball. If you’re just getting started with Spikeball, there are several things that you need to get familiar with – and knowing how to set up the round net is among one of the most important.

The ideal tension for a spikeball net should be tight enough to give a bounce that reaches up to 12 inches in the air when you drop the ball from 3ft above. In Spikeball, the tighter your net is, the more you get to enjoy the game, as you need more ball bounces. 

In the rest of this article, you will find answers to some of the burning questions about how to set up the Spikeball net. That will also include knowing whether or not the Spikeball roundnet is capable of snapping if it becomes too tight. So, without wasting time, let’s get straight down to business.

Can a Spikeball net snap if it’s too tight?

How Tight Should The Spikeball Net Be?

The round net will most likely not snap if you end up tightening it too much.

If you’ve ever played the Spikeball game before, you’ll agree with me that most of the matches often turn out to be very intense. This is especially true for professional matches. 

Here’s the thing; there are no out-of-bounds for players when it comes to how hard they can strike the ball against the net. Most times, when the matches become very intense, the players tend to make some extra hard hits against the round net. Matter of fact, an intense Spikeball game can cause players to fall on the round net, especially when trying to dive and defend hits.

“Extra hard hits” and “falls by players” against the net are some of the factors that could cause your roundnet frame to break. That’s especially true if what you’re using is the regular Spikeball kit, which you can find out there.

Furthermore, these factors can also cause several other damages to your Spikeball kit. Here’s an example; you might end up having broken legs and be forced to get a replacement for the kit. However, it’s unlikely that an extremely tight Spikeball net will cause a snap to the net itself.

Bottom line: you need to understand that making your net tight is essential and plays a pivotal role in the quality of play in Spikeball. That said, ensure you tighten your round net enough to enjoy all the fun and goodies that come with playing the Spikeball game.

How tight should a Spikeball net be?

As previously mentioned, having a roundnet that’s tight enough will, most likely, not cause damage to the Spikeball net. Instead, it’ll end up contributing to the overall quality of the Spikeball game. Since that’s the case, here’s a burning question; how tight should a Spikeball net be?

As you already know, in Spikeball, the tightness of the round net plays an integral role in the overall quality of the game. It’ll allow the ball to ricochet and keep the game going for as long as possible.

According to the Spikeball website, the best way to set up your roundnet kit is to “pull the net really tight.” It’s also advisable to re-tighten the Spikeball net anytime it breaks in.

For you to install your net successfully, you’ll need to first assemble the rim. After that, the next thing you need to do is to clip the net into four different points located on the inside of the rim. The purpose of that is to make it easy for you to fasten the rest of the net.

After installing the net, the next thing to do is to test how tight it is. According to the Spikeball website, the best way to test your net tension is by dropping the ball from shoulder height into the center of the net. If after doing this, the ball ricochets or bounces up to a knee height or higher level, it means the net is right enough.

The bottom line is, your Spikeball net is considered tight enough only when you drop your ball from a shoulder height into the center of the roundnet and end up achieving a ball bounce up to at least knee height.

Moreover, most people often say the best way to confirm that your net is tight enough, is if you achieve a ball bounce up to at least 12 inches when you drop it from 3 feet above.

Can you play spikeball with a loose net?

How Tight Should The Spikeball Net Be?

The tightness of the net has a lot to do with how you and the rest of the players on Spikeball court will play. That’s not all; a tight net will also contribute to the overall success of the game. Since that’s the case, does that mean players cannot play with a loose net?

The best way to enjoy the benefits that come with playing the Spikeball game is by using a net that’s right enough. I’m sure you already know how to test for that.

However, many people often advise players, especially those playing in tournaments, to train with both tight and loose nets. According to Bburasco5, the Redditor mentioned that he trains with both nets. He further mentioned that loose nets help to generate more Rallies, which is essential to achieve longer sets and win the tournament.

Here’s a brief of what the Redditor said regarding training with a loose net below:

“Loose nets generate more Rallies imo and you should practice with that as well. The more Rallies you have the longer sets you’re going to have to make which are critical in winning a game.”

Although a tight net is what you need to play with, the bottom line is, training with a loose Spikeball net will help you generate more rallies – that, you’ll surely find useful during an official match.

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