How To Make Your Own Spikeball Set?

How To Make Your Own Spikeball Set?

Are you interested in learning how to play the Spikeball game but confused as to where to start from? If yes, you might have to stop worrying too much about it. The first thing you need to get started with the sport is to get your own Spikeball sets. You can either order a ready-made Spikeball set or decide to do it yourself (DIY).

For a DIY Spikeball set, you need a couple of materials. Some of them include PEX tubing for rims, a trampoline net, hooks for holding the net in place, CPVC tees, CPVC pipes for the legs. After getting the materials, all you need to do is cut the necessary ones onto specific sizes and start putting them together.

Is it possible to make a DIY Spikeball set? What is the best way to make your own Spikeball set? How do you make a Spikeball net? Is a DIY Spikeball set as good as the one from the store? As you read through the rest of this article, you’ll find out the answers to the frequently asked questions above.

Can you make your own Spikeball set?

How To Make Your Own Spikeball Set?

Of course, it’s pretty much possible to make your own Spikeball set. Furthermore, opting for a DIY Spikeball set comes with several amazing benefits.

For instance, a standard Spikeball set from the store can come with a price tag of $60 or even more. However, by making the Spikeball set on your own, you will only be spending roughly $20 for the entire set. Looking at that, it’s safe to say that DIY will help you save a couple of dollars, which you can always spend on something else.

Apart from helping you save money, opting for a DIY Spikeball set doesn’t also require much of your time. At most, you’ll only need to spend about 30 minutes to get the job done.

Bottom line: you can surely make your own Spikeball set and save yourself a few dollars that come with buying a ready-made product.

How to make your own Spikeball set?

Now that you know that you can always build your own Spikeball set, I’m sure you want to know how that is possible. 

For you to make your Spikeball set, you need to first understand what a standard set from the store looks like.

Two main pieces of equipment required for the Spikeball game are the net and the ball. The ball, which is usually plastic and bouncy, is lightweight and often comes in yellow color. As for the net, it’s usually a trampoline net that you can easily attach to the hook attached to the rim of the Spikeball set.

For you to make your own Spikeball set successfully, you’ll need to make a replica of what the ready-made Spikeball set looks like. That said, let’s now get straight down to the business of the day.

Required materials

Here are some of the materials that you’ll need to make your own Spikeball set.

  • ¾ inches PEX tubing
  • 10 Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) Tees
  • 5 CPVC pipes
  • Metal hooks
  • Trampoline net

Here’s how to make your DIY Spikeball set

According to the official website, the Spikeball Pro set often comes with 5 rims, 5 legs, and a net. The set often comes with a diameter of 3 feet and a height of 8 inches.

So, we’ll start by making the rims of the Spikeball set. To do that, you need to get your ¾ inches PEX tubing. You need five of this material and all of them should be approximately 20¾ inches in length.

  • Pick the 20¾ inches of PEX tubing and fit them together using 5 of the CPVC tees. The aim of this is to make a circular frame, where you’ll connect your net.
  • Next, get the CPVC pipes and insert each of them at the bottom end of the CPVC tees connected to the rims or PEX tubing.
  • Now, you already have the legs. To complete that, get the remaining CPVC tees and insert them to the bottom end of the pipes or legs.
  • Next, attach the metal hooks all around the rim. The purpose of that is to help you attach the trampoline net in place.
  • Lastly, attach the net properly and that’s all about making your DIY Spikeball set.

How do you make a Spikeball net?

There are two ways to get a Spikeball net for your homemade set. The first approach is to email Spikeball, asking for a replacement net for your set. You’ll surely get that freely, though it might take some time.

The other option is to source for a trampoline net or a white cargo net, as suggested by a Redditor. After that, you’ll need to cut the net into the right sizes and then get it attached to the hooks around the rim. That said, you can watch this video to get more understanding about how to make your own Spikeball set.

Are DIY Spikeball sets as good as the ones from the store?

As earlier mentioned, one of the benefits attached to going for a DIY Spikeball set is because it’ll help you save enough money. Apart from that, DIY sets, if properly fitted together, will certainly deliver you with a good result. However, the only difference between a ready-made Spikeball set and a DIY set is the quality of materials used.

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